KOLBUS Book Production Line BF 530

KOLBUS’s most versatile and flexible book production line is the Bookjet® Edition BF 530. Featuring the newest technologies, it is capable of processing very small batches (down to just 1 copy) in batch mode at up to 70 cycles/min.

The BF 530 has a number of features which make it extremely operator-friendly. Automatic servo axes for far faster make-ready, ability to process a very wide range of formats and high performance. The machine operates under the proven KOLBUS Copilot® system. Together with the universal KOLBUS 3•60 online service, this means that machines installed anywhere in the world will run highly stable and reliable processes.

The Bookjet® Edition with new technology provides sectional make-ready in the production of digitally printed hardcover products, for example, in photobook production. The product is fed into the book production line via an indexing feeder fitted with a barcode reader. Subsequent processes – rounding, rub-down, casing-in in rigid, flexible or plastic covers, pressing and joint forming – take place as the product is transported through the line and are completely automated. Depending on which lining stations are integrated, the book block can be glued and optionally supplied with gauze or headbands.