KOLBUS Book Production Line BF 530

The BF 530 is KOLBUS’s top-of-the-range book production line. It is a uniquely dynamic system capable of delivering highest quality products at up to 70 cycles/min.

The BF 530 has many features which make it extremely operator-friendly. It is engineered with automatic servo axes for far faster make-ready, the ability to process a very wide range of formats and high performance. The machine operates under the proven KOLBUS Copilot® system. Together with the universal KOLBUS 3•60 online service, this means that machines installed anywhere in the world will run highly stable and reliable processes.

One of the key BF 530 innovations is the fact that the product – from block to finished book – is positively transported at all times, so that the machine sets new standards for flexibility, quality and efficiency. Swivelling grippers pass the books to the integrated pressing and forming machine with twin-stream processing for full-surface and joint pressing. The books are pressed for the maximum time possible with a mechanical force of up to 100,000 N.