KOLBUS Gathering Machine ZU 805

8 to 28 feed stations 5,000 to 8,000 cycles/h for folded sections and single sheets.

The magazine tables, with a working height of 960 mm, are easily accessible for ergonomic working. Metal surfaces on both sides of the feed station are used for jogging the stacks of sections into shape.


Reliable and efficient gathering of printed sections from small formats up to 460 mm spine length and section separation in non-stop mode. Sections are passed to the drum feeder by 2 gripper pairs capable of handling sections up to 6 mm thick. The drum rotates at a moderate speed so that the sections are accelerated gently with minimal stress on the material.
Rotatable touchscreens for each operator unit comprising 4 feeder stations.
Magazine with no-tools, fast-release connection, automatic feed station coupling and decoupling during format changes on the fly.

Recommended combinations with KOLBUS perfect binders
ZU 805 + KM 610.A – 5,000 to 8,000 cycles/h
ZU 805 as standalone machine with the QSA 500.Z for transverse stack delivery