MultiNova – fully adjustable, quick set, multi-point gluing.


CEG Packaging invest in high speed MultiNova gluer from KOLBUS-Autobox

CEG Packaging Ltd is a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard cases and solid board containers. They provide all types of cardboard packaging supplies; plain or printed, small or large. They are a well-known company manufacturing on Merseyside for over 58 years, providing services throughout Great Britain.

CEG are renown for being able to produce urgent orders within 24 to 48 hours depending on raw material deliveries. A recent move to larger premises has enabled them to invest in bigger and faster machinery which in turn, has increased their productivity output.
Colin Graham (CEG managing director) comments: “We have some impressive converting machinery here including an older Autobox. We can manufacture everything from minimum bespoke quantities up to 10,000’s of straightline and diecut cases”. He continues: “We approached KOLBUS-Autobox as we were finding that our gluing department was limited in its speed and styles. We do a lot of diecut work here, sometimes three-point crashlock which is a nightmare to convert by hand. The batches would vary each day, so we needed something that was quick to set, easy to use and had a good hourly output. When I visited KOLBUS Autobox and saw the MultiNova MN400 gluer, I just knew that it would be an ideal solution for what we needed. I spent 15 minutes in front of it and knew it would transform my gluing turn-around speeds and capabilities. Not only would it run straight-line work around three times quicker than my current gluer, but it was also an easy machine to set for crashlock boxes. KOLBUS-Autobox delivered the machine quickly. On our first day, we were running an 0201 at 1800 per hour. This job normally took us six to eight hours to run. It was done in under two hours on the MultiNova”. He finishes by saying; “On another note, KOLBUS-Autobox’s impressive facility in Houghton Regis with its own components site gives me a lot of confidence that the machine will be supported for many years. To me, investing in a UK manufactured product was a big selling point”. Arran Sethi, (KOLBUS-Autobox UK sales manager) adds: “The KOLBUS Autobox MultiNova MN400  is the perfect machine for Colin. I really think it will free up a lot of his operator’s time as well as bring in house more crashlock work. Not many companies in the UK can handle nuisance quantities or panel sizes of three-point diecut work, like the MultiNova. I’m looking forward to working closely with Colin and seeing how his workload develops from here”.