Kevin Lee Production Director (left) David Thurrold Managing Director (right) with the newly installed KOLBUS DA270 at Deanprint.


Deanprint continue to invest

Stockport based Deanprint’s ongoing modernisation programme has continued with the installation of a new KOLBUS DA 270 Casemaker. The new high-speed machine is fitted with an integral board cutting unit.

Alongside their traditional print and bookbinding work Deanprint specialise in being able to supply the widest selection of product options: “We seem to get to do the jobs that other printers can’t” said Kevin Lee, Deanprint Production Director. “The ability of the KOLBUS DA 270 to produce large and small format as well as quarter bound cases, all at high speed, made it the ideal machine for the job”.

The new machine will replace an existing KOLBUS DA 260 casemaker, installed almost exactly eight years ago. The DA 260 formed the backbone of bindery production at the start of what has been an ongoing £1.5 million investment programme. “Our casemaking business in particular has been growing rapidly” says Lee,” We have been extremely happy with the DA 260, in fact it has been the busiest machine in the plant for a while, I can’t remember the last time that it wasn’t running flat out!”. Installing the DA 270 has created significantly more capacity as it is performing at almost twice the speed of the machine it replaces. Including the board cutter in the line has also been a big benefit as it has absorbed and speeded up much of the work previously sent to be guillotined.