Managing director of Ideals UK Packaging Ltd, Zulfiqar Ali, with the newly installed KOLBUS Autobox AB300 boxmaker.


Ideals UK Packaging find an ideal solution!

Bolton based Ideals UK Packaging Ltd specialise in producing quick turnround bespoke corrugated boxes, together with a range of standard sizes and other packaging materials. Like many other SME’s they were uncertain about the direction the company may need to go in the future. With this in mind Ideals UK were keen to invest in new equipment with the flexibility to customise and adapt as business demands change.

Three years ago, Ideals UK Packaging explored the possibility of expanding their packaging distribution business into manufacturing, principally corrugated boxes. They researched the market, visiting KOLBUS Autobox Machinery at their Houghton Regis factory among others, and eventually decided to compromise and invested in a used corrugated box maker. With this in mind Ideals UK were keen to invest in new equipment with the flexibility to customise and adapt as business demands change.

Ideals UK Packaging again turned to KOLBUS Autobox Machinery - to look for an ideal solution! After a visit to the manufacturing plant, and a local customer to see a machine in production, they placed an order for a KOLBUS Autobox AB300 Boxmaker. To streamline the workflow and increase flexibility they specified a semi-automatic feeder stand and catcher table.
Zulfiqar Ali, Ideals UK Managing Director, said: We were looking at other options in the market:  cheaper or more expensive; imported and domestic. We decided on the KOLBUS Autobox machine for a number of reasons but the regular communication we received during the difficult Covid lockdown period when KOLBUS Autobox remained active re-assured us that we would receive long-term product support.”

Zulfiqar continued: “There is a lot to be said for buying a UK manufactured product. Not only does it give us confidence in having a reliable, established machine on our doorstep but it shows our customers that we are committed to supplying them with the best service possible. Having the best machine means we can confidently offer the best prices and lead times available.”
The KOLBUS Autobox AB300 is a modular line. Starting with a slotter creaser unit a single or two colour flexo printing unit, FL300, can be added along with a Multi-Cut MC300. This unit will work from stock board to produce multi out, 0401’s and hand holes, then an automatic feeder, AF300, and stacker, AS300, can be added for an operator-less system.

KOLBUS Autobox sales manager Arran Sethi said: “I have kept in touch with Zulfiqar Ali over the years and heard how his business has grown. Moving from his second-hand machinery to a new line was a big step. He had said that a KOLBUS Autobox was his favourite option, but the timing just needed to be right. This is a great example of a growing company that doesn’t know where they will be in the next months or years. Having the flexibility to customise the machine, and add to it as the business grows, is extremely useful. “
Since installation of the KOLBUS Autobox AB300 Ideals UK Packaging have produced a range of styles in unlimited sizes. Key runners include 0201’s, five panel folders (0409 / 0411) and even 0401’s. Their daily workload can consist of batches ranges from one through to thousands from a sheet size of 500mm long x 300 wide up to 4000 long x 2000 wide. They have been running products at speeds over 1000 boxes per hour.