Demonstrating an impressive continuity within the KOLBUS team this trio have between them clocked up over 65 years of service. In their role as KOLBUS UK Managing Directors, past and present, they have headed the company for 39 years continuously - and still do! Centre is Greg Bird, soon to be MD, flanked on the left by Robert Flather who he succeeds, and on the right his predecessor, Gordon Robson.


KOLBUS UK announces new appointments

As part of their long-term succession plan KOLBUS UK have announced that Greg Bird will become Managing Director of KOLBUS UK Ltd from the 1st June.

Greg has already been carrying out most functions within this role for the past eight months. This appointment formalises the position and maintains the continuity within KOLBUS UK.
Robert Flather will become Chairman of KOLBUS UK Ltd. on the 1st June. He will work closely with KOLBUS Autobox Ltd where he continues to be Managing Director. Robert will also continue to develop and support KOLBUS operations in other geographical areas, particularly France and North America.