Westdale bring Case Binding in-house

The new installation includes a KOLBUS BF 513 casing in line, KOLBUS DA 260 casemaker and Aster PRO sewer, all supplied by KOLBUS UK.

The Westdale Press are well known for their quality printed products, particularly perfect bound books and brochures. Although they have always included some case bound products they are now expanding their opportunities in this market segment by installing all the equipment needed to manufacture cased books in -house. This latest purchase will enable Westdale to include case binding in the plant list, further enhancing their existing range of pre-press to finishing quality control under one roof throughout the UK, Ireland and Belgium..
The new installation includes a KOLBUS BF 513 casing in line, KOLBUS DA 260 casemaker and Aster PRO sewer, all supplied by KOLBUS UK.
Like many other printers Westdale have experienced the effects of too many printers chasing fewer and fewer orders. Unwilling to compromise quality Alan Padbury, Westdale md, looked for an alternative route to maintaining a successful and profitable business. He said “Ever diminishing prices are unsustainable, we needed to look hard at finding a niche market for Westdale. Establishing ourselves as a colour printer who can offer in-house casebinding facilities gives us the opportunity to offer customers a finished product produced totally in house”.
Alan Padbury’s background is firmly rooted in bookwork having started his career at Pitman Press, Bath. And although Westdale have always produced some case bound products “never as many as I’d have liked” Padbury says. “I have always found that angle of our work gratifying and welcome the opportunity to expand it. Few colour printers have case binding in house and I think that there is room for a specialist – Westdale!”
Robert Flather, KOLBUS UK md said: “I’m pleased that Westdale were keen to place this order whilst we were able to supply it under the KOLBUS banner. It reflects the longstanding excellent working relationship we have enjoyed with The Westdale Press.
Padbury doesn’t expect to end existing contacts with trade suppliers but sees the new factory set up as an opportunity to work with customers who want to see their case bound products, particularly colour printed books, manufactured totally by Westdale. Foiling, UV and laminating are already in place so bringing the case binding in-house means total control over timelines with no additional transport delays or costs. Padbury also sees this as an opportunity to rise above the huge seasonality in colour printing with customers liking the fact that production is all on the same premises. Importantly it therefore provides the ability to plan and schedule jobs without recourse to outside suppliers.